About Us

LEATHER SOLUTE the specialist and leader in complete leather care innovation and technologies with the best bio products from the USA.Apart from clothing and accessories, one’s true immaculate tastes in fashion and luxuriousness are often conveyed through the selection of leather goods. And when classic designs meet genuine quality leather in forms of handbags, shoes and small leather goods, they are worth the best care from the best leather expert – LEATHER SOLUTE, the specialist and leader in complete leather care innovation and technologies.



For more than 40 years, ColorGlo USA has been known as leading expert in leather and manufacturer of leather restoration products. With more than 2000 franchisees worldwide, ColorGlo International (Thailand) Company Limited was established in 200 2 as ColorGlo’s representative in Thailand that determines to offer the best innovations, techniques and premium products that will give rise to a new standard in leather care and rejuvenation services.Thus, LEATHER SOLUTE, a complete ‘leather spa’ for treasured leather shoes, handbags and other luxury leather goods, is born. One of the part ColorGlo Thailand, equipped with a full-range expert service for leather care and repair, LEATHER SOLUTE’s innovative color technology to use of high quality nontoxic Bio products that receives ISO9001 Quality Certification from the USA as a guarantee.


EXOTIC SKINS such as leathers from crocodiles, lizards, pythons and ostriches display distinctive features that are considered as high level handcrafts that strongly require experienced and precise expertise in care and rejuvenation At LEATHER SOLUTE.